Sunday, December 30, 2007

Slacking off

That's the trouble with being troubled by the world. Too many issues to blog about - an embarrassment of riches. The opposite of writer's block - a flood of topics so great it's impossible to know where to start, so you don't start at all. That's pretty much been the story of this entire year in fact. The world seriously pisses me off. Or at the very least, it frustrates me.

I wonder if this is some kind of "curse of intelligence" (or curse of conceit!) - suffered by lots of bright people with bright ideas, who watch our business leaders, politicians and members of the public at large making absurd decisions (or indecisions) and generally botching things up for the good guys.

Hopefully 2008 will be a bit more relaxing. Otherwise I am quite tempted to hop off to Bhutan with a suitcase of cash, and retire to the only country where a national happiness index is maintained and considered with every major decision. The fact that it is run by a benign autocratic king may have some appeal - at last, a role model!

Happy new year to all (except for those arseholes on my hitlist)...

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