Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hi all

Following the unprecedented success of the last brunch (fifty fat freedman's friend fressers filled faces full of food) you are cordially invited to join me at Freedman Villas in Pinner for my birthday brunch, on Sunday 3rd February, from 11am to 2pm. As the house may shortly be flattened and/or I am planning to move out imminently, this is probably the LAST one in its current format, so please come and take advantage!

The usual dishes will be served:

Kedgeree (smoked haddock classic)
Vegeree (by advance request only)
- - - - -
Eggs royale (like eggs benedict but with smoked salmon for the piggie), served on home-made muffins
Creamy smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with fresh dill (yes, finished with residual heat, you old brunch hands)
- - - - -
Full veggie English breakfast
(includes fried eggs, sausages, fried bread, garlicky mushrooms, beans, grilled herby tomatoes)
Fish finger sandwiches
Proper Welsh rarebit with the mustard and beer and so on
- - - - -
Lighter options menu
Swiss-style bircher muesli (now sold in Selfridges)
Fresh bagels and rolls with jams and cheeses - including the Asquith Estates garden-grown, hand-picked, home-made blackberry jam
Fresh fruit platter
- - - - -
All washed down with a selection of fresh juices, tea and coffee

Due to high propensity for over-catering, please RSVP with any preferences (or suggested additions to the menu), and feel free to invite friends, partners, people you think might appreciate the spread.

I am always asked what can people bring, do etc. The rules are quite simple - everyone has to contribute by helping to cook or clean up (special mention to egg-separators and plongeurs from last time), or if you want a free pass to just trough out, please drop me a note in advance and I'll tell you what you can bring to buy your way out of servitude.

Also note that there will be an optional and weather-dependent constitutional stroll around lovely Pinner afterwards.

Travel advice and directions available by request. And yes, those eagle-eyed among you, I did just paste and edit the previous invite.



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