Monday, January 21, 2008

Fuelling terror

The lights are out in Gaza, and as usual it's all Israel's fault. Apparently we are supposed to give them electricity directly and a whole bunch of fuel as well. Funny thing is, I'm sure Israeli is sitting on pretty much the only slab of the Middle East that doesn't have any oil. Perhaps those generous Saudis and Gulf Arabs, recently offered $20bn of goodies from the Yanks, could dip into their resources?

Now, I'm not sure who to believe, whether it's the Hamastan government who claim the power is off because of Israel's decision to collectively punish 1.4m Palestinians, or the Israeli government who claim they are still delivering 2/3 of the electricity, and by their calculations think there should be plenty of fuel reserves for the Gaza power station. Could it be that this fuel has been siphoned off, for example to power Qassam rockets? And that the electricity was switched off to make the evil Zionazis look even worse?

Surely not! I mean, it's not like this bunch (in their many forms) have cried wolf before, you know, made stuff up, manipulated, distorted or exaggerated events to stir the locals and the impressionable foreigner against Israel... not here, not here, not here, not here and not here.

And I'm quite sure that as they always have, the Palestinians and their humanitarian Western friends have only been importing the stuff that the people of Gaza need to live on. Like this, this, this, this or this (the last one not being necessary since they did this).

Meanwhile, here in London, the usual sickening bunch of lefties are graduating from the School of Anti-Semitism (SOAS) cum laude. At a talk there on Wednesday night, the new Israeli Ambassador was heckled and generally treated with the traditional lack of respect, despite his conciliatory and humble tone (I know, I wouldn't believe a Sabra was capable of it either). The pattern was quite typical - ask a hostile question, pay scant regard to the answer, then pointedly walk out with your kheffiyah riding high.

Now all that is just par for the course. What shocked me was the number of white, non-Arab students who kept making comments to the effect that the Palestinians have no hope other than to be suicide bombers. With the originator of that statement now enjoying a sabbatical with her hubby in downtown (by which I mean occupied of course) Jerusalem, it was incredible to hear these statements not only repeated but cheered.

I take a simple view - openly, proudly and defiantly condoning suicide bombing against a civilian population ANYWHERE is a form of glorification, justification or even incitement of terrorism, and the myriad policemen on duty (covering the ambassador's sizeable ass) should have been taking names.

If so many Palestinians are really so desperate that they see no other way out, they could, with a modicum of legitimacy, go and blow themselves up at IDF checkpoints inside the West Bank. After all, those are supposedly the instruments of their oppression.

But what she, he, him, her, these people or in fact any of these, have done to cause an anguish so great they deserve to die for it, is beyond me.

And if the benighted citizens of this country want to stand up and support this activity, let them go to Gaza and see how they fare. In the dark. Just like everyone seems to be over here.


The deafening sound of silence as the world fails to condemn South Africa for cutting the power supply to Mozambique and Zimbabwe. And they weren't even rocketing their neighbours! Once again, we are being ORFTORFUed...

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