Sunday, March 02, 2008

You shall rise up early and strike them first

Before I put myself through the torture of reading the papers and internet comment on what has been happening in Gaza in the last 24 hours, I am going to hazard a guess. If I later have to go and change this article, I promise to leave any amendments in strikethrough, so you can see where I messed up.

The world is largely going ballistic with Israel for what it sees as the heavy-handed and indiscriminate way in which it has gone into Gaza. No doubt they believe the intent is to re-occupy it (some will say "formally" as they think Israel never really left). Israel has been attacking "the Palestinians", many women and children are dead, and as a casual aside, yes, so are lots of "militants".

About now, the UN, and even the Condi-led US State Dept, are probably calling for Israel's withdrawal. Hardly anyone is going to mention the very interesting stat that Sderot, just over the border from Gaza, has been in the last year the most-bombed place in the world on a missiles-per-head basis. Nobody will spare a moment to think about how their own government would react if a neighbouring government launched such an attack.

And yes, we can use the words "state" and "government" because most people see Hamas as legitimately elected, already refer to Palestine like it's a country, and indeed a few weeks ago, Costa Rica recognised it formally as such. This also means, as far as the Israelis are concerned, that it should damn well act like one. The nonsense of media and diplomatic criticism of Israel attacking the poor, defenseless Palestinians on the one hand, whilst legitimising a government that, depending on their whim (and audience), directly carries out, or indirectly supports, the rocket attacks, is just perverse.

Now I am going to have some breakfast. Maybe I will be back later to edit these assumptions, because just for once, the world is seeing Israel's actions in Gaza for what they are. However, I will probably be too busy blogging about Lord Lucan flying a pig to the blue moon of cheese.

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