Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fuel to the fire

Just a quick note of indignation, as I sit here in deepest Occ Pal, enjoying the fragrant scent of the Zionist springtime. The Beeb have just reported a story about how Israel's embargo of Gaza is preventing the UN carrying out their humanitarian mission.

This is the same UN whose Special Rapporteur on the Palestinians has been refused a visa by Israel because he is so ludicrously biased that even their sclerotic Foreign ministry has got off their falafel-flabby backside and taken a proper stand. Professor Richard Falk, the bloke in question, has had a jolly old time comparing Israel to the Nazis and apparently going on fact-finding missions to Lebanon whose reports then condone suicide bombings. I could write a whole essay on this moron, but instead, found this excellent one at

Anyway, they are repeating the canard about Israel cutting fuel provision for the UN, just a few days after the Pals sent a hit squad to the actual fuel depot where this is put in tankers for shipment. Think about this from the perspective of a worker at that depot. The world barely raises an eyebrow when two of your colleagues are murdered as they go about their work, supplying the murderers' families with fuel, then condemns you when your bosses decide these are not the kind of customers they want.

By way of comparison, the unions at my old haunt of Grangemouth are threatening a strike because new staff aren't going to get a final salary pension scheme. Just like pretty much every other company in the country... puts it in perspective.

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