Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shoking mispeling poping up evrywear

I have been so slovenly about this blog. As I'm off to Oz for 6 weeks at Xmas, thought I'd get back in the habit, then use Freedmanslife as a diary of my travels, to save me repeating myself a lot.

Meanwhile, a snippet from the BBC, showing the editing skills that have got Wossy and Randy (sorry, I mean Brandy) in to much hot water:

The newspaper said Shimon Peres, whose career in Israeli politics has spanned 60 years, is tainted with the blood of thousands of Palestinians and that Sheikh Tantawi should richly purify his hands.
Richly purify his hands? What do you wash hands in to richly purify them? And surely that should be "purify richly"? Also on the weekend, I was down at Asda recession-busting my weekly shop, and bought a nice jumper/shirt combo (as worn Saturday night at the hideous O'Neill's in Soho) for a tenner, with a warning to wash the items "seperately". Grrrr.

Big up to the Hammer by the way, he is off shooting and probably doesn't "do" blogs, but he is even more of a fan of good speling and grammer than I is.

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