Monday, April 20, 2009


Good heavens. Are my eyes deceiving me? Here is someone very senior from the UN commenting on the "Durban 2" extravaganza of Israel-bashing taking place in Geneva:
"A handful of states have permitted one or two issues to dominate their approach to this issue, allowing them to outweigh the concerns of numerous groups of people that suffer racism and similar forms of intolerance to a pernicious and life-damaging degree on a daily basis all across the world."
Indeed, it is horrific that the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, along with their fellow human-rights-abusing, oil-weapon-wielding, Jew-bashing friends Venezuela, Russia et al, should use this as a tool for anti-Semitism and tedious attacks on Israel, when there are so many other things going on in the...

...hold on...some interference on the line...what's this...ah...I it...orftorfu, you say...yes...yes...uh as usual then...thanks!

Sorry about that dear reader, it seems I made a mistake. That quotation from the beeyatch UN head honcho of this conference is actually aimed at AUSTRALIA, ISRAEL, THE USA, HOLLAND ETC for walking out in protest at the appropriation of the conference agenda to solely attack Israel and the Jooz.

Hopefully she will bury her head so far in the sand she'll strike some choice Arab crude and choke to death on it.

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