Thursday, March 18, 2010

ORFTORFU: the deafening silence of Israel's "friends"

As part of the USA's shrill and undiplomatic response to Israel's decision to keep building in "East" Jerusalem (take a look at the map, the area of contention is actually North Jerusalem, contiguous to Jewish neighbourhoods, and not in any area of significance to Palestinians), Middle East envoy George Mitchell found a convenient excuse not to attend a planned conference in Israel, giving a public and humiliating slap on the wrist to Netanyahu. As Lieberman pointed out in his usual direct style, imagine the reaction if Israel banned Arabs from buying or building in West Jerusalem (go on lefties, try and claim they do - yawn).

Meanwhile today, the world's reaction to Hamas launching a deadly rocket attack was to allow the EU's senior foreign minister to still make a visit to Gaza the very next day.

Israel builds houses in an uncontentious area, under a policy that had previously received PRAISE from the US government, and is hauled over the coals in the most embarrassing way possible. Hamas murders civilians and is rewarded with a senior diplomatic mission.


I worry for the future of Europe and America with this kind of moral judgment.
In the US, where I am currently on a flying visit, it is clear from the discussions I have with random non-Jews everywhere from Oklahoma to Minnesota to New York that the Obama regime is hopelessly out of step with the American public on his views and treatment of Israel. I am thankful that grassroots support remains in place, and will try and post something more detailed on the conversations I have had with folks over here in the last few days on this subject, and why I believe this bond will outlast the current President. 


Unknown said...

There are two alternatives: 1. have a Jewish state, which requires hunkering down in more or less the old borders, or 2. Have a bi-national state, where soon the Jews will be a minority. The United States seems to be doing the work the gutless Israeli politicians can't. Maybe we should be happy, and let them go ahead...

Avigdor (you know who...)

Vig said...

The security council wants Israel to stop the blockade of Gaza. This can happen today if Hamas chooses: Free Gilad Shslit who was kidnapped three years ago, and stop further attempts at terrorist activities. Its so simple and so easy.

Hamas also expressed willingness to negotiate with Israel if it is willing to return to the '67 borders. In fact, Israel has returned to the '67 borders in Gaza, and has been rewarded by kidnapping and firing of rockets on a civilian population.

Hamas holds the key. The world community should force their hand!