Thursday, September 16, 2010

ORFTORFU: white phosphorus

BBC News report from Orla Bowen, 15th September

"Today in the Gaza Strip, occupying forces fired a barrage of mortars, over 20% of which were white phosphorus shells, at civilian targets in total contravention of the Geneva Convention and basic moral behaviour. Human Rights Watch, the UN, B'Tselem, Hizbullah, Turkey, the International Solidarity Movement and other moderate NGOs and peace activists moved to condemn in the harshest possible terms this terrible crime against innocent women and children."

Only you will never actually see this story, because the occupying force is Hamas, which has perpetuated the misery of the inhabitants of Gaza for 5 years through exactly this kind of madness, and their target was Ashkelon and the surrounding villages.

Fortunately most of them landed in fields and nobody was injured. But once again the intent is the thing to focus on - they aimed callously at civilians, as opposed to the IDF's policy of aiming at the bad guys (which sometimes results in unfortunate collateral damage and mistakes in the heat of battle, for example shooting three apparently innocent Palestinians who found an RPG launcher in a field, picked it up and pointed it in the direction of the border - tragic but what exactly did they expect the reaction to be?).

The full article on the mortar barrage can be found here. ORFTORFU!

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