Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ahmedinejad's idea

During his visit to Lebanon last week, Iranian President Ahmedinejad demanded: "Zionists, go back where you came from."

He presumably believes that those nations from which Jews came (or in many cases were thrown out from), from the First Aliyah to the present day, are willing to take them and their descendants back if it allows the establishment of a Palestine from the Jordan to the Med.
Okay, I think it is a fair idea. Let Ahmedinejad start by allowing in the Jews of Persian descent who are living in Israel. In fact, let him take in all the Persian Jewish Zionists everywhere, such was his choice of words.

There are nearly 50,000 Iranian-born Jews in Israel and about 200,000 in total who have one or both Iranian parents. There are about another 100,000 similarly defined Persian Jews in the Diaspora, and if one adds grandchildren who retain a distinctively Persian identity, we are talking about half a million.

I think it is important that we respond to Ahmedinejad's rantings by taking them as literally when he makes statements such as the above, as we should when he openly calls for our nation's destruction and tells us how he is going to achieve it.

Thus, I would like to start a worldwide campaign of the 500,000 Jews of Persian descent to apply to their nearest Iranian consulate to be granted Iranian citizenship and residency, on the grounds that Iran's President will welcome them with open arms.

Who is with me?!